A Light and Sweet Suprise!

Salads. I’m sure we all have our opinion on them.

My biggest beef with salad has always been the taste and creativity they so often tend to LACK. But the truth is they really can be delicious and exciting if you are willing to shake it up a little and try new flavor combinations. Now I will gladly eat a salad from Texas De Brazil, where there salad bar is like 3 stories of tables adorned with the most delectable salad toppings. There heart of palm is incredible. GAHH.

I have certainly found salads more desirable these days just from coming up with new ways to eat them. Here’s the one I had for lunch today, I call it The Light and Sweet Surprise Salad.


2 handfuls of mixed greens (I used baby spinach and romaine)

1/2 Carrot

1/2 Tomato (or a whole one if you are a tomato lover like me)

2 slices of an apple

1/4 Green Pepper

1/4 Purple Onion

1 Tbsp. Goat Cheese

Olive Oil

Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar

(All of these ingredients can be purchased at your local grocery store and produce market)

Cracked pepper, raspberry balsamic vinegar, & olive oil

Spread out the leafy greens on your plate and set aside. Dice up the carrots, tomatoes, apples, green peppers and onions. Joyfully toss them on top of the greens (it’s about to be so yummy!) Sprinkle the goat cheese on your fruits and veggies, and the drizzle the olive oil and raspberry balsamic vinegar over top of it all. Then add some fresh ground pepper to taste.

Delicious Salad

This took me all of maybe 8 minutes to make, and the tastes and textures really compliment each other. For example a bite of greens with a diced up apple and onion together is a very balanced flavor of light and intense tastes, and the onion opens up the flavors of the apple and really make it pop.

Wanna know what the surprise is? The goat cheese and the raspberry balsamic vinegar create this taste and texture similar to the inside of a cream pastry. HELLO! If you’re wondering why I added goat cheese to this otherwise perfectly vegetarian salad, here’s why. Some fats are good, and goat cheese happens to contain those good fats. When taken in small amounts, these good fats actually help you to absorb some of the nutrients in the fruits and veggies better, and ultimately help you to burn fat faster. You can always substitute blue cheese or feta crumbles if you are not a goat cheese fan.

Are you a salad lover or hater? What are your favorite salad ingredients and recipes? Have you ever been to a restaurant where the salad was better than the main course?

My Creative Space.

Our house is pretty old, and with that comes many interesting repairs. In fact the list almost seems unending.

But I really do appreciate my house for one big reason: SPACE.

We have lots of space, and there are only three of us. Daniel has the privilege of having his recording studio in the once garage turned den.

I get to have my craft room which is an open area (that was once a bedroom) next to the dining room and kitchen. That still leaves a living room, three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

I am so glad I get to have my own space to create and kind of get away from the rest of the house and it’s constant demands. Here’s my trouble though (which you will see in the following pictures)…. I am having a hard time with organization. The space isn’t huge and I’m just not sure how to utilize it to it’s full potential.

work deskThis is my work table, where all the creativity happens. As you can see, I’m not the cleanest gal on the block which tends to really overwhelm me and makes my space feel repulsive. All of those boxes underneath the table are full of different fabrics, yarn, scraps, tools, etc. I hate them.

peacock scarfThis is the best thing about my space: a vintage peacock scarf. It hangs above my work table and is a nice visual that keeps me focused. Once I learn how to make clothes, I want to turn this into a shirt.

picture and clutchesThat painting is very special to me. It was painted by my Great Grandma specifically for me when I was a little girl. I also am a big fan and collector of clutches, so I decided to have some displayed.

deskThis is my disaster of a desk where bills try and get paid and mail is lost forever. I really need to figure out a system of order for this thing. But the desk itself is awesome. My friend Genie gave it to me after we moved out of our apartment back in ’08. It comes with a hutch which I removed for more wall space.

wall artHere’s some wall decor (or lack of) that I have up on the wall across from my work table. The pink and yellow thing is my 2012 Goals. The painting on the left I made as an encouragement and a reminder of why I love to sing, cause sadly I forget sometimes.

creation holderThis jewelry box was Daniel’s Great Aunt Loise’s. I don’t have a third of the jewelry it would take to fully use this thing, so I decided to use it to store all of my finished hair pieces and accessories. As you can see I have run out of room.

So there you go. That’s my creative space. I am really looking for suggestions here on organization, so please feel free to chime in. Do you have a space in your home that you create in? What do you love about it? What would you change?

The Way We Treat Each Other.

Before I get into anything, I have to tell you what I had for breakfast this morning because it was DUHLOOSHUS.

Toasted Ezekiel bread topped with organic raspberry jam, a few sprinkles of goat cheese and an over-medium egg. Whew, it was so good.

Ok so in light of the presidential election year and the political “thickness” in the air, I want to share with you a post that I wrote a while back on my tumblr. Facebook, twitter and other forms of social media are really heating up. I’m seeing a frightening increase in harmful words, thoughts and actions simply because people don’t agree over who is a better candidate. True colors are really starting to show, but as awful as it is to look at, I believe it’s a good thing. I’d rather see filthy rags than white washed tombs. As the year trudges on, read this as a reminder that love is our greatest, most humbling and life saving tool.

If we have everything in common, then naturally you are as valuable as I.


If you don’t listen to the same music I listen to, then you are still as valuable as I.

If you don’t wear the same type of clothes I wear, then you are still as valuable as I.

If you speak differently than I speak, then you are still as valuable as I.

If your hobbies are not my hobbies, then you are still as valuable as I.

If your friends aren’t my friends, then you are still as valuable as I.

If you are interested in things that don’t interest me, then you are still as valuable as I.

If you go to places that I wouldn’t go to, then you are still as valuable as I.

If you make choices that I wouldn’t make, then you are still as valuable as I.

If you watch things that I don’t like to watch, then you are still as valuable as I.

If you think things that I wouldn’t think, then you are still as valuable as I.

If I’m a conservative and you are a liberal, then you are still as valuable as I.

If you believe in something that I don’t believe in, then you are still as valuable as I.

If you have absolutely nothing in common with me, then you are still as valuable as I.

No matter how different we are, you are still as valuable as I.

Perhaps if we stopped looking at how much someone is not like us and instead looked at them the way our Creator does, the world around us would look much different.