Photoshoot Saturday

Saturday afternoon turned out to be great. Daniel I and got to spend some time with our friends Darren and Kay exploring downtown Lake City and documenting it with pictures. It was only going to be a few minutes of photographing Kay with my new etsy items on, but it ended up turning into a fun adventure. Lake City’s old buildings make for great backdrops thanks to the chipped paint and old brick. It is also the home of a huge and unfortunately vacant building (one of many) that used to be Hotel Blanche. There weren’t any trespassing signs anywhere, so we managed to shimmy ourselves up into the empty hallways and rooms of the once occupied hotel. It made for some great photos. The brooch/pin and wedding hairpiece that you see Kay wearing in some of these pictures you can view in more detail at my etsy shop, along with many others!

It’s Almost Birthday Times!


I’ll be honest: I LOVE a birthday. Especially when it is mine.

No, my birthday is not today. It is however less than two weeks away… February 6!

What has been my favorite birthday so far, you ask?

Well I’d have to say it is a tie between my 15th birthday and my 20th birthday. The day I turned 15 happened to fall on a Wednesday… and if you know anything about me, you know that I was a loyal youth group attendee. So I was pretty pumped to go to youth group and get all that attention (sad but true). Unknown to me was a little surprise that my best friends Jessi and Allison put together. They made a book that was all things Megan and had my friends from school and youth group sign it at the back. When they gave it to me that night I felt quite special, and I still love to look at that book from time to time.

We were big SpongeBob fans. Also, you might notice some faces from 2Gether. Yes, 2Gether. I know my Calculus.

Daniel Thompson (top right corner) was a great middle school friend. He used to share his lunch with me at school everyday, which I know realize made me seem like I couldn’t afford my own lunch. I definitely could, I just never cared to make it at home or get in line to buy it. Lazzzzy. And yes, that is Josh Hartnett down at the bottom. He was just too hot in The Faculty.

No idea who that guy was, but Jessi and Allison CLEARLY found him attractive. The pages go on and on with hilarious pictures of boys I had crushes on and surfing advertisements. Everything about this book makes me laugh.


The other favorite birthday took place in Tigersville/Greenville South Carolina when I attended North Greenville University for my sophomore year of college. There was no surprise or some huge, ridiculous gift or anything. It was just a fun get together at Coffee Underground in downtown Greenville. What made it so special was that people that had only known me for 5 months were so genuine in celebrating another year of my life. I felt incredibly loved and appreciated. That night was a blast.

Holy crap, I totally forgot about my 21st Disney Birthday! Well now I have to talk about that. My three best friends and I journey to the world where all of your dreams come true…. and that is exactly what happened! From the moment we arrived in the Magical Disney World good things happened. We even got an etra day of Disney fun for free because it was my birthday! Every Disney worker wished me happy birthday because of my little birthday pin, and my three best friends concocted a scavenger hunt all throughout MGM that ended with me getting a Ukelele! The last night we were there we partied in Pleasure Island. I danced on a revolving floor, Jumped up and down with a girl who just got married, and had a dance off with some Brits. It was the best thing ever, and the inside jokes are endless.

That guy looks like Jimmy Fallon.


The Brit.

Sleeping Guy. I don’t know how you could fall asleep in Magic Kingdom.

So what about your favorite birthday[s]? What and who made it so special?


Gimme Them Snacks!

I don’t know about you, but snacks are what get me through the day.

So yesterday I was thinking about what I would post today, and I was thinking about it WHILE i was eating one of my favorite snacks. I thought, “well gee, I’ll just take pictures of these perfectly healthy and nutritional snacks so as to share with others and perhaps get them hooked.”

I also secretly thought about how good it would make me look; how health conscious people would think I am. All while sneaking off to the gas station to buy a bag of cheddar and sour cream chips because I had a headache and I knew they would make me feel better. And not to mention the greasy sausage, egg, bacon and cheese biscuit I had at McDonald’s on Tuesday that I kept a secret from Daniel.

So the truth is I WANT to be healthy. But I struggle. Boy, do I struggle with food and it being my comfort. And I just felt before I went ahead and talked about these wonderful foods I nibble on all day to stay energized and sustained, I needed to confess that I mess up in this area. A LOT.

Well now that that is off my chest, let me tell you about these yummy treats!

Sunflower Seeds are life’s most unassuming snack. These tiny things pack quite a bit of protein and fiber, and a handful of them will leave you feeling satisfied. Along with the protein and fiber comes all of the good fats that actually help us lose weight or maintain where we are now. I like to eat these in between breakfast and lunch because they really do hold me over and they are tasty. You can get them roasted, but keep in mind that through the roasting process much of the nutrients are lost. And usually that process involves salting the seeds, so I like to eat mine plain.  A sure fire way to drop some of those unwanted pounds is eating 3 tbs. of sunflower seeds a day. Make sure you eat them slowly (as with anything) so that your body knows it is satisfied. Whether you eat them like me or go for the roasted ones it will be exponentially better than buying a bag of chips from the gas station!

Oh man. I used to HATE peanut butter with a passion. Can you even imagine that? A kid hating peanut butter? I am so glad that I acquired the taste for it as an adult because this stuff is delish! Organic peanut butter has such a fresh and real taste without all of the added sugar and salt. A spoonful of this at around 3:30 pm gives me that boost I need and makes me feel full. Not only do they provide your body with the protein, fiber, folate and magnesium that you need, but they also carry antioxidants. This is also a really good snack for when you are craving sweets, because it has that thick texture that is so satisfying. Now remember, organic does not mean it is less fattening, so don’t go overboard. Also, keep in mind that you do have to refrigerate organic peanut butter which I realize can be challenging to a lifetime peanut butter lover. But the taste and nutritional value of this stuff is worth it!

Now I know I don’t need to point out the health benefits and tastiness of these tangerines. But citrus in general whether it be an orange, grapefruit or tangerine are all packed full of vitamin c and antioxidants. And I mean, hellooo?? They are so good.

The Publix Deli Jalapeno and Cilantro Hummus is my current favorite snack. Hummus, which is made from chick peas and olive oil, are packed with iron, vitamin c, folate and vitamin b6. What I like about this specific brand and flavor is that it has the taste of a jalapeno without the spice, and I am a cilantro so the combination is perfect. Eat these with carrots and peppered sliced cucumbers or cut up a tomato into wedges and slather a spoonful of this good stuff on top.

What are some healthy snacks that you enjoy?