A Little Thrift in November.

I try to stay away from the local thrift stores in my town so as to not spend all of my money ALLLL the time. I just really enjoy thrift shopping! But this morning I treated myself to a little bit of thrifting, and I found so many good treasures.

Thrift Store Finds novthrift2

The canvas that says “Home Sweet Home” had a little note on the back that said “From: Marg, To: Sister Betty, 1979″. It’s the sweetest.


That plate is one of the prettiest pieces of kitchen ware I’ve ever seen. It was only $1!

novthrift4 novthrift5 novthrift6 novthrift7 novthrift8

Check out these two ol’ grumpy men. I’ve started collecting owls, and I’m thinking I might spray paint them all one color once I have a large collection. Or maybe just leave them, who knows.

novthrift9 novthrift10

This is my favorite find of the day. I wish there were several others, so that I could use some for gifts and keep one for myself.

novthrift11 novthrift12 novthrift13 novthrift14


Old Christmas pitcher! This bad boy is going to be my iced coffee’s home for the holidays.

Thrifty Thursday: Fall Finds

Over the past week and a half, I have found some really great treasures at the local thrift shops. Last Thursday I was driving home from the Downtown Arts Center and felt like I just needed to run into the House of Bargains, which is a few blocks down. I’m wandering around, and I see this cute table that looks like it might be a cabinet for something. I go over and open it up, and to my ecstatic surprise, a 1930’s Singer Sewing Machine is laying inside! I don’t know if I can stress enough how awesome this was to find sitting in the town I live, because these things are not super common and they are worth a couple hundred bucks. My mother in law has one, and it sews like a dream! This is the sewing machine I’ve wanted for a while now, and there it was just sitting there. I composed myself, and then very calmly asked what the price was. The lady said $40, and I said, “SOLD!” The only two things I need to replace are the needle plate and the bobbin case, which I’ve already found on ebay for so cheap. I cannot wait to clean this beauty up and start sewing with it! I also found an old Samsonite suitcase that day. The rest of the loot I picked up here and there over the past week at the local Goodwill.

Found any good treasures lately?

Thrift Finds!

The Goodwill in Lake City is SURPRISINGLY fantastic. I never leave empty handed and almost always have to put a few things back so I don’t spend too much. Here’s what I scooped up today:

A cute striped shirt for Abe: $1

A pair of Robeez with little airplanes: $1.99…. These suckers usually price between $20-40. CRAAZAAY!


Floral Print shirt with braided collar: $4. I like it because it’s airy and light.

Aqua Merona dress: $5. Perfect for spring!