3 thoughts on “Vlog: The Finality of Life’s Depart

  1. Thanks for sharing this Megan, it was something I really needed. Two of my friends were murdered two weeks ago, and it’s been really hard to put into words how I feel inside, and how I feel about people so close to me and my own age passing away. Thanks for having the courage to put your feelings into words.

    • I’m glad it helped. Sorry for not getting back to you on facebook btw. I must confess I am terrible with messages/emails/voicemails but I’m trying to get better!

  2. Gosh, you wrenched the tears straight out of their ducts. But seriously, I know exactly where your head and heart are right now. I had a close friend pass away a few years ago and as you said, other than grandparents and distant relatives, that was my first real taste of death and the brevity of life and it wrecked me…from grief but also the Lord used it to challenge me just as you do in this video. Your vlog was a good reminder of what my true focus needs to be in this little window of life, so thank you for pouring out your beautiful heart. Let’s live the Gospel…

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